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Here Is What You’re Going to Learn In This Case Study

➜ Hone your ad campaign optimization skills to boost ROAS by an amazing 60%.

➜ Appreciate the importance of fresh, ingenious creatives that can raise CTR by up to 30%.

 Adopt groundbreaking scaling techniques that can magnify ad spend by a remarkable 900%.

➜ Leverage manual bidding strategies to amplify ad performance by a notable 2.5x.

➜ Harness landing page testing to optimize conversions by a fantastic 25%.


We, at AdKings, recently had the opportunity to work with a fantastic personal care eCommerce brand.

This brand is all about ensuring their customers enjoy precision and superior craftsmanship with their German-engineered products.

They truly care about the essentials and believe that our self care shape our lives.

This client came to us at the end of April 2022 with a problem: they wanted to scale their ad spend profitably. Back in February 2022, they had spent $34k profitably on ads.

They tried scaling the spend in March, reaching $330k/month with a stable ROAS. But they had to cut almost half of it in April because their performance dipped to a 1.67x ROAS.

Groundwork to Scaling – An in-depth Audit

They were facing a few challenges that we needed to tackle:

1. Low ROAS: Their ad spend wasn’t generating the desired return on investment, with a ROAS of only 1.67x.

2. Struggling Products: One of their premium plaque remover products was underperforming despite having a higher average order value than another heavy-duty product in their lineup.

3. Ad Fatigue: They were struggling with ad fatigue, which was affecting their click-through rates and conversion rates.

4. Limited Creatives: The brand had a limited number of creatives, which made it difficult to refresh their ad campaigns and keep them engaging.

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Phase 1: Optimization – Laying a Strong Foundation


In this initial phase, we honed in on creating a strong foundation for our client’s advertising campaign.

We concentrated on their top two products – a nourishing hair care kit and an invigorating body scrub – and meticulously combed through the ad campaign, eliminating underperforming campaigns and duplicating winning assets.

This approach, much like a gardener pruning and nurturing a plant, resulted in a 60% increase in ROAS, restoring it to a healthy 1.92x.

Additionally, we audited the ad account, implemented a robust tracking system, and ensured that the ad sets were aligned with our client’s business goals. We also reviewed and refined targeting parameters to focus on the most relevant and high-converting audience segments, further contributing to the improved ROAS.

During this optimization process, we closely monitored the performance data to identify trends and patterns, allowing us to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve the campaign’s efficiency and profitability.

Phase 2: Testing New Creatives – Unleashing Creativity


We embraced the spirit of innovation, experimenting with a variety of fresh and engaging creatives.

We believed that this would breathe new life into the campaign, much like a writer seeking the perfect combination of words to captivate their audience.

We tested various ad formats, including carousel ads, video ads, and single image ads, with a focus on showcasing the benefits and unique selling points of our client’s products.

We’re true believers in outside-the-box ideas and that’s why we decided to test creatives with unexpected results, some of them really looked disgusting but we should always keep in mind that Facebook is a social media platform and your post should be engaging enough so that algorithm promotes it better.

Once people started commenting on the posts actively we noticed a decrease in CPM. That allowed us to reach more people for the same budget and resulted in higher returns. 

Our relentless pursuit of creative excellence led to a 38% increase in CTR and an improvement in ROAS to 2.12

Throughout this phase, we continued to iterate and experiment with different creative approaches, constantly refining and learning from our successes and failures.

Phase 3: Scaling Techniques – Expanding Horizons


We shifted our focus towards growth and expansion.

Using our proprietary Audience Blast strategy, we identified and targeted multiple unique audience segments, allowing us to increase the reach and visibility of our client’s products.

We simply created an ABO campaign and duplicated the winner 50 times with the same budget for each ad set.

Then, every hour we optimized them and cut the ones with poor performance – after 24 hours we had at least 15 ad sets left and they were performing very well for the next 3-6 months (we have some of them active even now in Feb 2023). 

This approach guaranteed long-term success and widened audience reach by a whopping 150%.

Furthermore, we closely monitored the performance of these ad sets, optimizing and reallocating budget as needed to ensure the most effective use of our client’s advertising dollars.

Phase 4: Manual Bids – Fine-Tuning the Strategy


With a strong foundation, engaging creatives, and a wide-reaching audience, it was time to fine-tune our bidding strategy.

We launched a new campaign with manual bids, discovering winning bids that facilitated profitable scaling of ad sets within the campaign.

Think of an auctioneer trying to find the highest bidder – we tested bids of $40, $60, and $80 to strike the perfect balance between ad spend and performance.

Ultimately, we identified the $60 bid as the sweet spot, resulting in a 2.5x boost in overall ad performance.

Throughout this phase, we continuously monitored and adjusted bid amounts, ensuring that our client’s ad spend remained efficient and profitable.

Phase 5: Landing Page A/B Test – Refining the User Experience


In the final phase, we turned our attention to optimizing the user experience on our client’s website.

We conducted ongoing A/B testing of landing pages to maintain high conversions and prevent increased frequency.

For example, we compared a minimalist design with a more content-rich version, learning from user behavior to make data-driven decisions on which design elements resonated best with the target audience.

By refining the landing pages, we were able to improve conversions by an impressive 25%.

This meticulous approach to landing page optimization not only helped to drive conversions but also enhanced overall user satisfaction, building a strong foundation for long-term customer loyalty and retention.

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Our collaboration with the personal care eCommerce brand led to incredible results.

We took them from a struggling ROAS of 1.67x to a stable and profitable ROAS of 1.9x, increased their ad spend from $224k to $340k per month, and improved their conversions by an astounding 25%.

The combination of our expertise in optimization, creative testing, scaling techniques, manual bids, and landing page A/B testing allowed us to make significant strides in the brand’s overall performance.

This case study demonstrates the power of partnering with AdKings to transform your business’s digital advertising efforts.

If you’re ready to achieve similar results and take your eCommerce brand to new heights, reach out to us today!

Let’s work together to unlock your brand’s full potential and create a winning formula for long-term success in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.