About The Brand

This brand started with a big why behind: to offer a healthier and more transparent alternative food for pets in Australia.

The founders are passionate pet owners who run their own animal shelter and take a value-stance against major pet food corporations in Australia. They advocate for transparency, high-quality ingredients, and building a real community around animal care.

However, it was not easy to convey all of these benefits with simple messaging that captured attention. The main characteristic of this product is the use of hemp-seed oil that brings a lot of benefits against itching, anxiety, allergies, and gut issues.

When Pet Food Australia came in June 2021 they were making around $400K a month. Their profit margins were low due to high shipping costs around Australia, and they wanted to scale the company.

In just 3 months we managed to scale the monthly revenue to $700K, generating about $3.3M in a 6 month period. This came mainly from media buying strategies and high-performing creatives. Deep research was conducted to speak directly to their ideal avatar and catch their attention with hooks on videos and images in order to create viral ads.

This special report covers the creative strategy behind this growth and what results it produced.

The Challenges

When Pet Food Australia came to us they had a one-person marketing team who still managed to get the brand to about $400K a month.

Around that time, the monthly ad spend was around $125.000 AUD and the ROAS was 1.6. With just an improvement in creatives, we managed to spend less ($107K/month) and almost double the ROAS (2.4). This allowed them to scale the store revenue by August 2021 to $700K a month.

With that increased ROAS, the biggest challenge became retention. Only about 10% of buyers subscribe to monthly shipping, because the website was not optimized for it.

Through the analysis of similar brands in other countries, we realized we could solidify the subscription model and reduce shipping costs by bundling the orders.

The Strategy

This was the creative strategy that allowed us to scale Pet Food Australia.

Strategy #1: UGC Content

Pet Food Australia runs a Facebook group where pet owners share their success stories and concerns about the health of their pets. The group is filled with testimonials, pictures and videos that were very useful when creating content.

By using user-generated content (UGC), we would be coherent with our stance against big corporations and supermarket food and showed that this food was made with the pet’s wellbeing in mind. Prospects saw how this brand was changing the lives of people like them, and all the social proof added to increase conversions.

Instead of trying to talk endlessly about the product features, we focused on moving stories from buyers and speaking directly to their pain points and concerns. This mirroring of their language and thoughts created an emotional connection to the brand.

However, just using UGC was not enough. We had to organize this content with conversion principles in order to scale.

Strategy #2: Conversion Principles

When we came in the creatives used were lacking many conversion principles. For example, they did not include a call to action (CTA).

We organized all videos according to our tried and true formula:

1. Hook

2. USP’s (Unique Selling Proposition)

3. Social Proof Testimonials (User Generated)

4. Objection Blocking

5. CTA

Having a formulaic approach to content allowed us to rapidly-produce a lot of videos and test many angles. We found various winning creatives with this type of results:

– Spending $61.585 on a video with an average of 2.07X ROAS.

– Spending $48.264 on a carousel with an average of 3.81X ROAS.

– Spending $25,113 on a reel with an average of 3.63X ROAS.

This collection of high-performing creatives allowed us to simplify the media buying strategy.

Strategy #3: Creative Targeting

With all the iOS14 changes, interest targeting on the ad manager became more and more difficult. This is why creative production played around 70% of the success of this client.

We tested broad targeting with dynamic ads where we let the creative speak and be the targeting itself. By using very clear hooks and angles that spoke directly to their ideal avatar, we cut through the noise and were able to scale these ads.

Some example of this is the use of quotes and headlines that quickly summarized the benefits of the products. Content needed to use Australian slang because most of their customers are people over 30 in suburb areas in Australia, with a big family and who cared a lot about their pets.

Phrases like “Your pup’s paws will go MAD for this food!” or “Within 5 days allergies stopped” proved to be strong hooks after a lot of research and experimentation.

The Result

As said before, when Pet Food Australia came in June 2021 they were making around $400K a month. Within just 3 months we could scale the monthly revenue to $700K, which was the revenue we reached around August.

Over a 6 month period we generated a total of $3.3M, averaging $550K each month. Considering they were making $2.3M a year before, this represents a 43% increase in revenue in a 6 month period.

After a scaling phase, we reached a stabilization where we focused on improving profitability. After analyzing their COGS, financial reports and marketing, Pet Food Australia saw a doubling of the profit margin during this period.

The site also saw a spike in organic traffic from the ‘shadow funnel’, meaning people not coming directly from ads but who googled it after seeing them and hearing recommendations from friends and family.

This increased brand awareness created a strong market presence and will help to improve the health of thousands of pets around Australia.