About The Brand

Our client delivers a unique USP for music artists. It’s a SaaS focused on increasing playlist exposure on Spotify. The emphasis is on real playlists. In a space reliant on bots, our client sells organic exposure into verified playlists.

That gives artists the best opportunity to get discovered through music streaming.

A high volume of repeat customers made it clear that the product satisfied existing customers. It was our duty to create awareness and bring new artists onboard.

The platform takes care of promotions so that artists can take care of their craft. We made this the key message of the brand, central to our marketing and strategy.

The Challenges

Brandishing our little red marker, we identified areas for improvement:

  • New customers weren’t visiting.
  • The copy was weak. Zero persuasion. Nada trust. Persuasion points: 0.
  • A lack of color contrast between headline and sub headline.
  • No strategy to build the all important trust so fundamental to marketing.
  • The focal point image was purposeless.
  • Generic and boring CTA: “SUBMIT NOW”.
  • Conversion of new customers had reached a standstill.

The Strategy

Strategic efforts have to reflect the dynamic marketplace. So we concocted a multifaceted solution.

We made core improvements to the user interface and user experience.

We redefined the brand image, making it fun, innovative and vivid. We discovered that this favored the artists. They benefited from the commodities of attention, clicks and plays. Revenue for the SaaS increased.

We implemented a store wide discount of 15%. Anybody could sign up. It worked and we doubled down, emphasizing it in our FB ad outreach to great effect.

Business is dynamic so we test like scientists to optimize our strategy.

We made a key discovery on ads. We identified that high-contrast static imagery was most successful. It worked even though these were unknown artists.

In 7 months we have gotten a lot done. In the coming months, our strategy is no less ambitious:

  • Split test longer-form copy and analyze findings.
  • Test a new “How it works” section to build even more trust with customers.
  • Increase and test the use of video testimonials experimenting with social proof.
  • Continue to optimize UI/UX design with our new specialist.
  • Transfer what we learnt from presenting artists visually. Embolden our desktop website with a complimentary reinvigorated aesthetic.

The Result

We turned around our clients’ results. We used continuous improvement to customer outreach. The brand expanded its customer base fast.

In November, we took over and started ad spend at only $13,145.34. We had 5 days to capitalize on BLACK FRIDAY and delivered. We experienced revenues of 64,145.00 in the first month, returning a ROAS of 4.88. Previously, the SaaS had performed at a ROAS of only 1.85.

In the following months, we proved our efforts to be stable and reliable achieving an average ROAS of 4.46.

Before AdKings, the previous 3 months saw excessive spend of $145,009.95. The revenues were disappointing at $269,008.00. In the following 3 months we decreased ad spend to 84,946.85 and increased revenues to $403,497.

Our desktop version also delivered 162% improvement in revenues vs control. We achieved this with improved visuals and copy.

All this with 95% of the original traffic.

We overhauled copy on the entire website, increasing social proof and replaced a lousy CTA.

Call it the lollapalooza effect: at AdKings we are experts in identifying our clients USP. We analyzez present performance and take action to reward our customers with massive results.