How We Tripled An Auto eCom Brand’s Revenue in 8 Months By Fully Relying on Facebook’s DPA Carousel Ads & Leveraging Emails

In the Best Case Studies, the Results Speak for Themselves. Here Is a Sneak Peek: ✔ Taking an eCommerce business in the consumer tech space and increasing their revenue by 20x within a year ‍ ✔ Generated Rs.77,882,686 ($1,066,886) in Sales ‍ ✔ Increasing Online Store Sessions by 2,284% ‍ ✔ Securing an average of 6.99% repeat transactions by increasing the […]

5 Growth Strategies To Scale A Subscription Brand From $50k To $150k A Month!

In the Best Case Studies, the Results Speak for Themselves. Here Is a Sneak Peek: The results are undeniable . . . ‍ ✔ Generated $752,418.41 in sales ‍ ✔ Increased monthly revenue from $50k to $150k ‍ ✔ Boosted ad spend from $26k to $70k in 3 monthsIntroduction A subscription-based business model involves the customer paying a […]

Complement: 3 Strategies That Grew This Supplement Brand From $1.5M to $5M in Less Than a Year

About The Brand‍ This brand was born in 2017 to bring high-quality nutritional supplements for the vegan population. However, they are not the typical supplement company. Rather, they advocate for high transparency, sustainable production, and minimalist supplementation. They call this complementing (instead of supplementing) your diet. For example, their main product is a multivitamin that […]

Rolling Square: How We Boosted A Tech DTC Brand’s Revenue By 5X In 6 Months – Over 800k!

About The Brand Our tech client’s philosophy is solving problems in a minimalistic way. Their vision is to remove barriers between people and technology by producing products that enhance life. They create high-quality, intuitive technology that seamlessly improves day-to-day living. Based in Switzerland, this diverse team of gifted innovators refer to themselves as tech minimalists. […]